Resolve to Get Covered in 2015

The New Year is in full swing, but some of us may still be looking for resolutions. No time is better than now to hit that reset button and improve on last year. In fact, signing up for health insurance today can be a great first step toward fulfilling your other goals!

Want to get your finances in order? When you sign up for health insurance, you’re taking an important step toward reaching your financial goals. Knowing that you’re covered provides the peace of mind and security that having an accident will not turn into debilitating medical debt.

Resolving to be healthier?That’s harder to do without insurance. Signing up for coverage is guaranteed to help you reach your health goals, as you will gain access to about 72 preventive services at no cost. These services include diabetes screenings and mammograms.

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There’s more than one reason to get covered in 2015, and 6.5 million Americans have already selected a plan through the marketplace or been automatically renewed. If you know someone who is still uninsured, why not connect them with the information they need to get covered?

We know you’ll be making many decisions about 2015, but make sure that at least one includes signing up for health coverage. Don’t delay! The deadline to enroll through the marketplace is February 15. Find out more and sign up at, or call toll-free at (800) 318-2596.

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