Are You About to Become a Parent?

text4babyText4Babyis a free text messaging program available in both English and Spanish that promotes maternal and child health. Sign up to receive up to three messages each week with information about keeping you and your baby healthy. To sign up for the service in Spanish, text “BEBE” to 511411. For English, text “BABY” to 511411.

Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy—also available in English and Spanish—offers tips and insights to nurture and protect your baby during pregnancy. The mother-to-be will:

  • Learn about medicine’s latest research about the growth of her baby and changes in her own body; 15 chapters discuss the distinct milestones in each stage of pregnancy.
  • Understand the process of labor and childbirth including cesarean birth.
  • Find guidance on the many issues expectant parents face, such as managing work and travel during pregnancy, choosing among pain relief options for childbirth, and thinking about when to have another child.
  • Get answers to common questions moms-to-be ask their doctors.
  • Discover approaches to the complications that can occur during and after pregnancy, how to deal with pre-existing conditions, and how her baby can be affected.
  • Prepare for the arrival of her newborn, get tips on taking her baby home, and learn about postpartum care for mom.

This guide is available for purchase at the Mayo Clinic website. For bulk orders of 25 books or more, contact Jack Schmidt at (800) 430-9699 or [email protected].

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