This Week in Immigration Reform – Week Ending December 20


Week Ending December 20, 2013

This week in immigration reform: NCLR looks back on the year in immigration reform; a new Secretary and Deputy Secretary are confirmed at the Department of Homeland Security; ICE releases its deportation numbers for fiscal year 2013, revealing that deportations remain far too high despite a slight dip in overall deportations since FY 2012; and NCLR, its Affiliates, and partner organizations keep immigration reform in the public eye by meeting with members of Congress and organizing debates on immigration reform.

-2013 in Immigration Reform: NCLR looks back on a hard-fought year of struggle.  This week, NCLR looks back on the struggle for immigration reform in 2013.  NCLR and its Affiliates fought tirelessly this year to make immigration reform a reality, relentlessly working to urge Congress to pass immigration reform legislation. Our community has much to be proud of – and yet we still have a lot of work ahead of us.  As we look back on the past twelve months, however, it is clear that our hard work has gotten us to where we are today, and that only more hard work will get us to the finish line in 2014.  We won’t stop fighting for our families until House leadership gives America a vote on immigration reform and a strong bill gets to the President’s desk. 

NCLR has also shared the best photos from its and its Affiliates’ immigration reform efforts this year – check it out on Facebook here.

Starting on Dec. 26th NCLR will begin tweeting the “twelve gifts of immigration reform” – follow NCLR on Twitter (@NCLR) to learn about several of the many benefits our country would enjoy if Congress would get to work and pass immigration reform.

–New leadership takes the reins at DHS.  The Senate confirmed Jeh Johnson on Monday Dec. 16 as the next Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS). Johnson replaces former Secretary Janet Napolitano, who resigned this past summer.  Alejandro Mayorkas, the current head of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has also been confirmed as Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security.

NCLR looks forward to working with the new leaders of DHS to ensure that the agency implements its policies and is held accountable.

ICE releases FY 2013 deportation numbers; despite dip, still too many deportations.  U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released its fiscal year (FY) 2013 deportation numbers on Thursday Dec. 19.  While these latest numbers feature a slight reduction in removals when compared to FY 2012, the change is nowhere near the dramatic decline we would see if ICE more fully implemented prosecutorial discretion and deported only those who truly present a threat to our safety.

NCLR and Affiliates in action. 

Arizona: The NCLR Action Fund held a debate on immigration reform in Tempe, AZ on Saturday Dec. 14th.  The Action Fund partnered with the League of United Latin America Citizens (LULAC), the Maricopa Community Colleges District, the Raul H. Castro Institute for Public Policy at Phoenix College, Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, and the Real Arizona Coalition to put on the event, titled “From Ground Zero in the Immigration Debate.”

Colorado: The NCLR Action Fund and NCLR Affiliate GOAL Academy met with Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.) on Saturday, Dec. 14th, to discuss the road forward for immigration reform and the ways in which the Congressman can lead his fellow Republicans toward passing constructive legislation in 2014.

Imm_reformupdate_12_20_2013 Joe Harimillo, Director of NCLR Affiliate GOAL Academy’s English-Language-Learning programs, Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), and Jesus Altamirano, organizer with the NCLR Action Fund, after meeting to talk immigration reform on Saturday, Dec. 14. 

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