In Some Industries, Latinos Comprise 30% or More

highway guardrailThe Labor Department released its jobs numbers today, though they were delayed more than two weeks because of the recent government shutdown.

The report shows the national unemployment rate fell, insignificantly, to 7.2 percent. The Latino unemployment rate also fell, from 9.3 percent in August to 9 percent in September. Also, for the second month in a row, the Latino labor force participation rate took a dip shrinking to 116,00.

In this edition of our Monthly Latino Employment Report, we take a closer look at the current employment situation for Latinos and the segments of the economy where we already make significant contributions. Bakeries, carpet mills, car washes, and landscaping, these are industries where more than one in three workers is Latino. They offer a glimpse of the economy in the year 2050, when Latinos will account for 30 percent of the American workforce, nearly double their share today.

Download the full report now.

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