A Call to Action for Latino Youth!

By Cindy Zavala, Southeast Region Youth Advisory Committee Representative, Lideres

LideresLogoIt was such a pleasure to finally meet all the members of the 2013 Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and all the young Líderes face to face this past summer at the Lideres Summit in New Orleans. The energy and passion that all brought to this year’s Summit is still alive and well. We truly brought out the “Power of We,” from the informative workshops this year to the fun and entertaining talent show performances that I will always remember. I was inspired and moved.  You all have motivated me to continue to use the “Power of We” as I continue my role as the Southeast Region representative of the 2013 YAC.

If you didn’t know, the 2013 YAC will be working year around to support the Líderes program in its efforts to meet the needs of young Latino leaders. At the Summit, the YAC not only had opportunity to meet young Latino leaders from across the country, but we also had the opportunity to network with NCLR Affiliates from each region. Meeting with these Affiliates is essential as it is our job to connect with organizations from so we can   with whom we can explore and enter into  meaningful partnerships. 

Across the country, Líderes youth are back class. again,so we want to keep the momentum we started at the Summit going. So today, at the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, we issue a call to action! Engage with the YAC by sharing your voice. Tell us what is happening in your region. Do you know which organizations we are affiliated with in your region? Do you want to get involved with them?

Please let us know by tweeting us @NCLRLideres or, emailing [email protected], or sending us a Facebook message at NCLR Líderes. We will respond to your messages and let you know what we are  doing to support the Latino community..

Find  Affiliates in your region with using the NCLR website.

Let’s stay connected!!!


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