Why Do You Support Immigration Reform?

camino americano march

In recognition of the Camino Americano march for immigration reform happening today in Washington, D.C., we asked our supporters on our Action Network to tell us why they support immigration reform.

Below are some of the best responses so far. Want to see your message here? Text MARCH to 62571 and tell us why you support immigration reform!

Yesenia from TX: I support immigration reform to STOP breaking families apart and give hard working people the right to a better living.

Because our immigration laws need to be reformed. Immigrants have long been the bed rock of American economic growth. Good immigration laws encourage stable families.

Sergio: Es algo que no dejare de hacer pues soy un padre de familia con hijos nacidos en este pais con derechos oportunidades y un espiritu positivo.

Silvia: Por una reforma migratoria pues nosotros somos un gran pilar para que este pais y nositros crezcamos por favor entiendan y razonen que esto es real

Immigration reform is an essential christian response to brothers and sisters living in need. How can we continue denying basic necessities to those whose lives we share?

Reform now because I am a citizen who fell in love with my soul mate. Two beautiful children & I was able to finish nursing school as he worked three jobs. Hard work & dedication is what he has brought to this country. God is love. He knows no differences. We are all his children.

Because it is both humane & practical, and the only response truly consistent with the values & founding principles of this country.

The immigrants are not to blame for our economic ills. Enough of the blame game.

Por mantener unidas a las familias y evitar la deportacion injusta de gente trabajadora que ayudan a la economia de este pais.

We are small family business, my husband and i, we don’t have documents, our only daughter was work here, we are hard working person, with no legal problems and we try to do the stuff on the right way, but if we were able to legalize our status we will be able to grow as a company with out afraid, that something may happen with us!! Thanks and we support 100% the immigration reform.


Por un futuro mejor para nuestros hijos

Florida: Creo que todos merecemos una opurtunidad en este pais.

My mother and uncles and aunt and grandparents were immigrants. They contributed to the growth of our nation..current immigrants will do the same.

Por que me gustaria que la situacion se componga para los mas de 12 millones de indocumentados que estamos aqui. Que practicamente somos de aqui.

Fidel: It’s time to get beyond the politics and racism and pass immigration reform.

Lynette from CA: It is the Christian thing to do.


Adriana from CA: For working people they just came to better themselves and they paid taxes like everyone

Ernest from NM: Its the right thing to do will help econemy in the long run

Noel: Por una reforms migratoria justa que no separe las familias!!!!!

Lisa from CA: We need the reform for all this people who are living here for many years and working to help the economy.

My husband. I want to have the freedom to stop worrying if this will be the day he will not come home to me and our three kids.

Because it’s the right thing to do and the majority of Americans want it!

Maria from NV: Por la felicidad

Mi razon para apoyar es la misma que tenemos muchos inmigrantes para salir de la sombra,tengo un hijo de 14 en esta situacion

Ashley from OH: Because the United States, at its core, is a nation of immigrants…and was built upon the bedrock of diversity!

Martha: Supporting freedom for all. No one in this country should be living in the shadows.

Porque se puedan legalization tantos jovenes que necesitan trabajar, licencia, y seguros.

I support immigration reform in hopes that one day my husband can come back to us. He was deported 3 years ago and I was left with 4 kids.

Por que una reforma migratoria es agradable a Dios y por el bien de USA.

Everyone deserves a second chance. There is strength in numbers.

Because what we have now is unworkable and unAmerican!!!


For liberty and justice for ALL!


I support immigration reform because is enough of living on shadow and with fear. The economy needs immigrants.

Jessica from CA: I was undocumented and just because I’m not now does not mean I forget about where I come from.

Equality for all!!! It’s important to give those of us who are hard working and goal oriented an opportunity to reside in the US legally.

Everyone deserves a chance in life and earning a education and employment.

Marie from MS: I support immigration reform because I believe in a human equality.

Mi razon es para que sea un mundo sin fronteras y sin problemas

Brenda from NY: Economic prosperity for the USA

Rafael from CA: Para que la gente pueda tener una mejor vida y vivan sin miedo

I support immigration reform because we all descend from immigrants in this country and they also deserve a chance to be here.

Linda from VA: I support reform because it is the Godly thing to do reuniting families including my own


Pilar from NJ: We are all the same in Gods eyes and if this is a land of freedom then immigrants should be legalized to have the same freedom as Americans do

Henry from FL: Because inaction is unfair.

Charles from TX: They are us. They are more American than most of us.

Hector: Es tiempo ya

Eduardo from FL: Ya es hora….basta de politica.

Because everyone deserves a shot at shaping their future into everything they dreamt it would be, regardless of how or when they got here.

For a better USA

I support immigration reform because I believe in equality and a better life for all Latinos of all races.

Marta from FL: Our country’s economy needs immigrants to survive.

Alonzo from NM: Because everyone has human rights and deserves the right to excel in life.

Congress vote on comprehensive immigration reform now. Vote your councious and it will pass. Enough is enough.

Abigail from CA: Because people shouldn’t be criminalized for their nationality

Let’s legitimize the hard working U.S. workers that contribute everyday to the American economy and our future.

Rosa: Yo admiro a toda esa gente que lucha por todas esas personas que vienen a trabajar, que dejan sus paises para buscar una vida mejor. Yo como ciudadana doy todo mi apoyo.

Beatriz: USA needs to value the work immigrants bring to this country. They are a huge part of the growth in this country

Ruth from CA: Apoyo la reforma emigratoria todos tenemos los mismos derechos y queremos una solucion rapida y justa.

Meddmar from TX: Supporting immigration reform to stop discrimination, stereotypes, injustice! Today we are involved with

this march so that our voices and thoughts can be heard for an immigration reform! Con todos los Latinos unidos y apoyando un al otro! Sin duda si se puede lograr!

Abril from AZ: Porque ya es tiempo que se recompense a las personas que an aportado su tiempo y trabajo en este pais

Joseph from CA: The reason I support is because I like many others have had my mother deported after 20 years of living on these lands, leaving an 19 year old to raise his 15 year old brother

Humberto from FL: Lucha porque quiero una oportunidad

Louis from TX: For the children we teachers have educated and who are ready to take their places as full members and leaders in our communities!

Because everyone deserves a chance at citizenship and a better life here with those of us who were lucky enough to be born here.

Jose from CA: Quiero que pasen la reforma para que todos seamos iguales en este pais.

Para que la reforma ayude a que podamos trabajar sin ningun temor y que nuestros hijos se sientan seguros. Solo queremos trabajar y sacar adelante este hermoso pais con nuestras manos,mente y corazon

Let’s put a system in place that is responsive to the real issues of immigration. Immigrants represent a vital work force and are valuable community members.

Stop ignoring this problem and fix it.

Ruben from GA: So my brother can put his college education to great use.

Sally from KS: I support immigration reform because it’s a win win win win win proposition: for immigrants who work hard and build strong families; for democracy that needs their love of the USA; for our economy that needs their innovation and perseverence; for international relations knit together by personal ties; for me, USA-born but enriched daily by immigrant neighbors; It is important to keep family together.

Mireya from CA: So my husband can permanently stay with me and our kids! So we do not have to live in fear of being seperated! So we can travel as a family!

Those who work and support their families and pay their taxes need to reap the benefits from it!!! They need to have drivers license!

Apoyo a la reforma migratoria porque los inmigrantes somos trabajadores y aportamos a que este pais siga creciendo.

I support immigration reform because of the students I work with. They deserve to have all their dreams come to fruition.

Alexis from CA: For the Dignity and Respect of 11 Million aspiring Americans

Vanessa: I support immigration reform simply because everybody deserves the same chances that we get to have here in the U.S.

All these families want to do is be able to feed their families and give them a home that should be afforded to any living human being no matter where you come from!!!

I believe everyone should have an opportunity to better themselves, and to have better chances in life.

Kiren from NC: Because the laws in place now are rude, discriminitory, inefective, and they support the ability of law enforcement to be racist.

Lucia from NJ: Dignity and respect for all in America is fundamental value of our democracy. I will not back down from that principle!

Immigration brings talent and richness to the USA

Elsa from CA: I support immigration reform because I do not keep hate in my HEART

I support immigration reform because no one should have to wait decades to enter the land of opportunity.

I support immigration reform because every person needs be out the shadows and have obligations and responsibilities

Ronald: Porque somos humanos.

Martin: Por el respeto a los inmigrantes que han levantado este pais.

Angela from MO: We need to keep our immigrant families together and protect the children of undocumented parents. Once we get

our priorities straight, honoring human rights, children, education, then the solutions to immigration reform will be apparent.

Carlos from NY: I support immigration reform because if we are honest, it’s desired by business & necessary to keep families together as well as the net positive value immigrants contribute to our society. We are all human beings…Exercise humanity.

Because everyone that contributes positively to our great country deserves the chance to citizenship, the American dream and to keep their family together.

If THE people are successful, THE country is successful. Our achievements becomes the country’s. MARCH for a brighter future. for those who have all the intention to be the best that they can, but face the burden of 3-times-more-expensive college tuition or are unable to receive a scholarship due to their status. I’m one of the young adults suffering the struggle. The burdens won’t stop me from chasing my dreams, but a Comprehensive Reform would surely help a lot us achieve our goals a lot easier. Please, hear us out! These dreams of ours can make this country a better place

Por familias felices y unidas

Nydia from TX: Porque hay que demostrar que los hispanos no nos damos por vencidos facilmente

Daniel from TX: Reforma migratoria para toda la gente que viene a este pais a trabajar y salir adelante con su esfuerzo y con la ayuda de Dios. Daniel

Linda from CA: Todos merecemos una oportunidad de salir adelante.

Leticia: Lucha porque todos meresemos salir de las sombras

Para que este pais sea mejor 🙂

Justina from NY: Manos trabajadoras y honesta necesitan tranquilidad y un estatus definido y seguro,familias unidas por eso quiero una reforma.

Claudia from NC: Por todas las families separadas. Todos tenemos derecho a estar FELICES y con nuestras familias.

Josefina from KY: Igualidad para todos hace un mejor mundo para vivir!

I support immigration because ive been through the struggle and pain

Michelle from CA: Because we call ourselves humanitarians, we must grant amnesty to all who are contributing in a positive way

For dignity and respect of all regardless of documentation status

Letty: For Justice, and Equality. End the hatred, and Racism!!

I am an immigrant who has the privilege of automatic citizenship. I did nothing to deserve the citizenship that other immigrants don’t have.

James from CA: It’s obviously the right thing to do for people who have been an integral part of our economy, working, paying taxes, and being good citizens.

Gabriela from DC: Porque contribuimos! Because we contribute!

Isabella: We are here to integrate and make our communities stronger

Carlos from CA: For our children; our community and our future!

Everyone deserves a home and country to live in. Love one another and be kind.

We were all immigrants at one time or another. My family immigrated from Germany in the early 1900s for a better life.

Anita from FL: It makes no sense to impose further hardship on people who are seeking refuge, respite, and a better future for themselves and their children.

Gisset from NJ: I support it because immigrants work so hard and get so little back

Wendy from AL: For true justice and a stronger better America!

Francisco: Apoyo este movimiento por que simplemente estamos a hablando y exijiendo que se respeten los DERECHOS HUMANOS de cada una y todas las personas

Yo apoyo la reforma por que todos tenemos el derecho de cumplir nuestoro sueno americano


Immigrants are hard working people like everyone else, yet they go unrecognized because of their illegal status.

Judy from CO: Married wonderful father for my 3 kids 11 years ago; still have NO Process to legalize and secure my family.

Our people work hard and deserve a country to call their own. Furthermore, many have served this great country of ours to the extent of giving their own lives and still being called illegals, and all in all being great human beings.

My grandparents were ltalian and German! 3rd generation! millions of new revenue for the USA! THESE FOLKS DESERVE THE opportunity!

Because they deserve it

I think that by passing the immigration reform it will be less abuse of human rights and less injustice. It will be more oportunities for continuing education. I am working on my degree an my only hope is the inmigration reform.

Why should we be discriminated against for being born somewhere else when we’re suppose to be a melting pot of different cultures?

Nos urge una reforma integral ya que somos la fuerza trabajadora de este pais

Because everyone should have a fair chance of succeeding in this country

Por los inmigrantes que son personas luchadoras y trabajadores que estan por una razon para dar a sus hijos una vida mejor

Juan from CA: Honest, kind, hardworking, good neighbors: are the qualities of the vast majority of Latino immigrants.

Por la reintegracion de todos immigrantes en esta gran nacion por el bien de todos los ciudadanos

Miguel from IL: Yo lucho por todas las personas que estamos en las sombras incluyendome yo y deseo que pase Una reforma migratoria para poder estar con mis tres hijos ciudadanos americanos para verlos crecer y realizarse en sus vidas y no estar con el temor que un dia me puedan deportar y no estar mas con ellos. Por eso apoyo la reforma migratoria con ciudadania para los 11 Millones de indocumentados que estamos aqui SI SE PUEDE!!! Mucha FE mi gente Lo vamos a lograr!

Jose: I need to go to College to better the lives of my 3 kids.

Norma: Mi razon es mi marido tiene 10 anos de castigo lleva 8 en mexico y esos 8 anos yo he creado a mis hijas como que si fuera madre soltera es injusto aparte que ellas nacieron prematuras de 24 semanas me ha tocado batallar bastante. Es injusto siendo yo ciudadana y mis hijas (twins) tambien.

My reason supporting this is because I believe that an immigration reform is what the U.S. needs. There need to be a stop to all those deportations to people who only come to this country to look for a better life for them and their families. We need to give them a legal status so they can work get a license and stop fearing. Thank you.

Joseph: Because common sense should rule the day. Treat others like you would like to be treated.

Estoy apoyando la reforma migratoria porque pienso que todos merecemos tener una vida mejor en este pais. Si tan solo supieran lo que sufre uno.


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