Washington, DC Immigrants Contribute Every Day


Those in the Washington, DC metro area who are unfamiliar with the contributions immigrants make to their lives will be getting an education of sorts with the help of a new campaign called “Immigrants Contribute,” launched this month by the DC Office of Human Rights (OHR). 

According to the “Immigrants Contribute” website, the campaign “aims to highlight the contributions of immigrants to the District and discourage incidents of discrimination.”  The ads feature DC immigrants and tell stories of how they give back to their community every day.  The list of countries of origin for those featured in the campaign is as diverse as the nation’s capital itself and includes El Salvador, South Korea, Costa Rica, China, Ethiopia, Mexico, Cameroon, and Vietnam.

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“Immigrants Contribute” is especially timely as the immigration reform debate heats back up this month with members of Congress returning from the August recess.  It will be important for them and their staff to remember just who they are working for and what’s at stake.


OHR has placed the ads throughout the DC Metro system as well as on buses and at bus shelters.  The campaign will also appear in newspaper and radio ads.

Check out the OHR website for more information and to hear the featured immigrants’ stories.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter using #ImmigrantsContribute.

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