Happy Independence Day!

Immigration FamiliesAs we celebrate our country’s birthday, we want to take a moment to recognize all aspiring Americans who have been integral to our success. The immigrant spirit has always been at the foundation of who we are as a country, but we can’t honor or live up to the ideals of the immigrant experience without a modern immigration system.

In that vein, we offer up 10 reasons for why the United States needs immigration reform.

1. Both major political parties support comprehensive immigration reform. support for immigration infographic

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2. If you’re a legislator, you don’t want to end to be characterized as an extinguisher of dreams:

gang of nay
You can find the entire list of those who voted for/against immigration reform here.

3. Immigration reform means the longevity of Medicare! Medicare Infographic

4. Immigration reform will be a boon to the economy! 

Like Social Security? Immigration reform will help save it! Truth in Immigration

6. Immigration fosters family unity by keeping them together instead of needelessly tearing them apart!

7. It fosters the successful integration of immigrants into communities across the country.
Immigrants Want to Learn English - Infographic

8. It’s good for the housing market.
Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals calculated in a recent study that the Senate’s current immigration bill would, if passed in its current state, add over $500 billion to the U.S. housing economy.

9. Immigration reform will get more Latinos in the financial services system.


10. Most importantly: immigration reform includes a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people!


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