2022 Affiliate Peer Exchange
Affiliate Peer Exchange

2022 Peer Exchange

Esperanza Health Centers | A Story of Innovation and Determination

Last week, the 2022 Virtual Peer Exchange: a Story of Innovation and Determination drew to a close. During the month of weekly sessions, Esperanza Health Centers shared with Affiliates the best practices and unique insights that set them apart to be selected 2021 Affiliate of the Year.

Sessions included successful communication strategies, a conversation on diversity, equity and inclusion, cultivating and leveraging partnerships, and of course, responding to the pandemic as a Federally Qualified Health Center.

The Peer Exchange also welcomed other Affiliates from the network, participating as panelists and adding their own perspective and insight into the mix. We greatly appreciate those Affiliates who were able to join us live across the five weeks of the 2022 Peer Exchange, and welcome any Affiliates who missed it, to view below.

2022 Peer Exchange

Understanding & Responding to Health Inequities

As a federally qualified health center (FQHC), Esperanza introduced participants to the community health center movement, the role of FQHCs and will touch on Esperanza’s history, its patients, and its model of health care delivery. If you are a community-based organization looking to learn more about FQHCs, this is the session for you! Watch here:

The Role of Community Partnerships

Partnership and collaboration have featured prominently in Esperanza approach to community health. This 15-minute video outlines how Esperanza has cultivated partnerships in the past and to what strategic end, shares the role of partnerships in Esperanza’s efforts to impact health outcomes and improve quality of life, in addition to featuring a story about the collaboration with one of their partners. Watch here:


Moving Toward Inclusion & Equity

The pandemic and civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd were pivotal moments that forced organizations to explore whether they were doing enough to address systemic injustices, both internally and externally in the communities they serve. Join Esperanza for a discussion on how to embark on a journey towards improving inclusion and equity. Watch here:


Communications Strategies

Faced with language and technology barriers in the communities it serves, Esperanza customized its messaging and marketing strategies to ensure patients and residents were kept informed and protected throughout the pandemic. We invite UnidosUS Affiliates’ communications staff to learn about how Esperanza leveraged press and social media to extend their message, and what strategies they employed to keep the community, stakeholders, funders, and policymakers informed. Watch here:


Working Toward Recovery: Community-Based Practices in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Two years after the world shutdown in 2020, community organizations are still working hard to tackle the social and health issues that were exacerbated for Latinos during the COVID-19 pandemic, including access to health services and accurate information. Learning how to recover from the health crisis that disproportionally took a toll on communities of color must be a priority as the world reverts to their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

In this webinar, we hear how local, community-based organizations created programs during the pandemic that has now allowed them to achieve a healthier, more equitable, and resilient community today.

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