Future Changemakers: The “You” Advantage: Using Your Uniqueness to Build a Bridge of Possibilities

It’s a new season and a new school year, and with this transition comes a new opportunity to make some changes in a messy world. UnidosUS wants to empower youth to think about the myriad ways to do so. In fact, last month we kicked off our 2019 UnidosUS Annual Conference with Future Changemakers, a series of sessions aimed at helping young people consider what social and political issues most affect their lives and those of their community, and then contemplate how to change the discourse and policies surrounding those issues.

The introductory workshop in this track—The “You” Advantage: Using Your Uniqueness to Build a Bridge of Possibilities—was very well received. At a time when Latinos increasingly feel under threat for everything from intolerant government immigration policies to hate crimes, the workshop gave ample networking opportunities to its attendees.

You can view the complete session below. This video can help you get real about how best to be the change you want to see as you move forward into another year of school.

The workshop’s featured speaker had plenty of ideas for that. Pedro David Espinoza, a young Latino tech entrepreneur who founded his first Silicone Valley startup at 19, said an attitude of service helped him build community while stepping into his professional ambitions.

His motto? “If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.”

View the full session below: