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Latino Vote Briefings Examine Hispanic Electorate Trends

In this crucially important election year, UnidosUS recently launched the Latino Vote Briefing Series, thanks to support from donors like you. These virtual events feature issue and election trends experts and cover topics that shape Latino voter perspectives with the goal of tackling oversimplifications and mistaken beliefs about this electorate.

As the 2024 election cycle ramps up, the first edition of the series “Economic Priorities among Latino Voters,” explored pocketbook issues shaping voter sentiment. Polling data show that Latino voter priorities are driven heavily by economic concerns, with 64% of the electorate citing an economic-related issue as their top concern. Inflation and the rising cost of living (20%), jobs and the economy (19%) and health care (18%) consistently rank as the top three issues Hispanic voters want elected officials to address.

With respect to inflation and rising cost of living, 82% of voters cite increased costs for food and basic living expenses, followed by costs for buying or renting a place to live (76%), gas prices (67%) and the cost of health care-related expenses such as doctor visits (51%). Furthermore, when asked about the main factors affecting concerns over jobs and the economy, 58% said their job does not pay enough or that they must take a second job to make ends meet, followed by 40% who say their job does not provide paid leave or sick days.

Many Latinos are feeling pessimistic about the direction of the country – 56% believe the U.S. is on the wrong track – and the majority don’t see either party as effective champions of their most pressing issues. This research shows that Latino voters are sending a warning message to both parties and continues to demonstrate that both parties need to do more to better engage our community and address our economic concerns.

Thanks to your ongoing support, UnidosUS will continue to host briefings throughout the year to provide accurate information about Hispanic voters’ priorities.

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