Message from the President and CEO

UnidosUS’s New Strategic Direction Will Build Wealth, Health, and Power

As we welcome spring and the new beginnings it ushers in, I’m excited to share with you— our invaluable donors— UnidosUS’s new strategic direction that will lead to building wealth, health, and power for our community.

During the better part of the last year, UnidosUS conducted a strategic planning process that engaged internal and external stakeholders, including our Affiliate Network, Board members, funders, sector experts, UnidosUS leadership, and current and former staff.

From left to right: UnidosUS Vice President of Affiliate Engagement and Development, Irene Cuyún and UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía pictured with some members of the UnidosUS Affiliate Council.

Our 55+ year history as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization has provided UnidosUS the platform, credibility, and expertise to drive impact for our community.  Now, we are at an inflection point: we’ve grown in revenue and staff size, thanks in large part to your support; we have decades of experience on specific issues; and we feel the urgency to accelerate change for Latinos, who now represent one in five Americans.

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Hispanic well-being and prosperity are key to America’s future. The strategic planning process affirmed the long-term impact we seek to create: our fight for civil rights, social justice, and economic and social opportunity in the United States, while closing the equity gap for Latinos.

Given our history, expertise, Affiliate Network, and relationships, we are best positioned to:

  • Change the underlying systems that cause economic and social inequities for Latinos, driving shifts in policies, practices, and resources.
  • Build the power and representation of Latinos to influence and hold these systems accountable, by ensuring Hispanic perspectives and leadership in decision-making.

Rooted in our mission and vision, this direction will advance impact in our core issue areas of economic empowerment and housing, education, health, and workforce development. To live into our strategic vision and ensure meaningful impact, we will move to greater organization-wide alignment around shared goals in critical areas.

While our work has evolved over time, our commitment to the Latino community remains consistent and guides our strategic planning and the role UnidosUS, with its Affiliates and other partners— like you— can play in achieving it.

Our vision is bold, but our community deserves no less. Thank you for your unwavering support!


Janet Murguía
President and CEO