Honoring a cherished member of the UnidosUS familia

Lupe Lemus was a part of the UnidosUS familia for more than 35 years. In those years, she touched the hearts of many. For us, Lupe was much more than a colleague: she was a friend, a confidant, and a motherly figure. Lupe sadly passed away on Sunday, February 11, 2024. 

Contribution to UnidosUS  

Lupe Lemus being applauded about to receive her award  Lupe Lemus photoshoot with her Husband

It is nearly impossible to put into words the lasting impact that Lupe made throughout her more than three decades at UnidosUS. Over 37 years, she contributed to our organizational success in an extraordinary way. She worked in or was a partner to almost every team and provided critical operations and administrative support to keep so many aspects of our work moving. 

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Lupe had a gift for nurturing a sense of community and warmth for new and existing team members and frequently demonstrated her tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to a range of personalities as she navigated work among our many teams. She always led with humility when she engaged with colleagues and had a generous spirit in sharing her vast experience and wealth of knowledge on how the organization works to help everyone else achieve excellence as well. 

She was a companion and a madrina to many of us when we needed a listening ear, a boost of confidence, and gave priceless advice. She helped keep us accountable in gentle, respectful and helpful ways, not just to work but to familyreminding us when it was time to pause and take care of ourselves. And of the things that are truly most important in life.   

Her colleagues described her as caring, supportive, experienced, protective, authentic, humble and poderosa. We are grateful that we got the chance to recognize her immense impact with a service award in 2022, celebrating her 35th year of service to us, our Affiliates and our organization. 

A Lasting Legacy  


Lupe’s legacy represents the best of us and our community. We are so fortunate that she chose to dedicate her career to UnidosUS.  

If you want to learn more about how we all felt about Lupe and hear some of her words of wisdom, we invite you to view how her UnidosUS colleagues described her during Employee Appreciation Day in 2023.  

Rest in power, doña Lupe.  

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