Leading by Example

Leticia de la Vara: UnidosUS Alumna and Donor

Leticia de la Vara has been part of the UnidosUS familia, in various capacities, for close to two decades. A native of Phoenix, Leticia and their family prioritize giving back to their community.

Over the years, Leticia has been a volunteer at our signature events, including UnidosUS’s Annual Conference, along with their 21-year-old daughter and mom–who is also a donor!

In 2010, Leticia served as the Arizona liaison for UnidosUS, then the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), as part of the AZ Response Initiative to fight the state’s controversial SB1070 anti-immigrant legislation. Subsequently, they worked as a senior strategist in our policy and civic engagement division. Leticia has also worked with Phoenix-area Affiliates like Friendly House, one of the oldest social service agencies in Arizona, which has been empowering communities through education and human services since 1920. According to Leticia, working for UnidosUS was “phenomenal.”

“As a Latina woman, you don’t have to put a piece of yourself aside; no code-switching is needed,” they explained. Leticia described the organization as a place where thoughtful, compassionate Latinos come to make sure their career contributions have a positive impact on their gente, adding that what UnidosUS does to uplift our community also uplifts others.

Through all these experiences, Leticia holds a deep understanding of UnidosUS’s scope of work and impact, which has inspired them to be a donor as well, supporting the organization for a decade. Now, as chief of staff at a national nonprofit dedicated to closing the gap in educational disparities, Leticia notes, “[It was] really a privilege to work at UnidosUS. That’s why I donate. I feel confident about the work, about the team, to advance opportunities in the future….my donation comes back 10-fold in support of opportunities for our community across the country.”

“Whatever your cause is–health, education, workforce development, housing–UnidosUS is there. They understand the issues and will make sure the dollars are put to good use to advance opportunities for everyone,” Leticia added.

For more information, visit us at www.unidosus.org/individual-giving