Leading by Example

Christian Lozano: UnidosUS Alumna and Donor

In 2004, fresh out of college as a recent graduate of Georgetown University, Christian Lozano joined then NCLR’s Center for Emerging Latino Leadership (CELL), which focused on leadership development for high school and college students.

“I’m grateful to Marco Davis for bringing me on; that was my first entry point into the organization,” Christian explained of the then-director of CELL. She started donating $10 from her paycheck from the start. “I felt so moved to be part of this institution that uplifts and empowers people like me, like my family. I had such a sense of pride being part of the organization,” she added. “I truly believe the NCLR family embraced me and wanted to see me succeed and contribute at the highest level I could.”

Christian took on different roles under various team leaders who became her mentors over her six years with the organization until she knew she had to expand her professional horizons. In 2010, after the Annual Conference, which she helped make highly successful, she and President and CEO Janet Murguía had a conversation. Christian explained she wanted to venture out to learn as much as possible so she could make an impact in more and different ways. According to Christian, Janet’s advice was to try different industries, then come back and contribute to the community. “That’s exactly what I did; I was humbled and touched she made the time and gave me great advice. I took it to heart and have been following it ever since,” Christian said.

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Since 2010, Christian has been working in advertising for national and international high-profile clients. Then, earlier this year, came news of layoffs.  Christian connected with her UnidosUS family, attending the organization’s Capital Awards, where she saw another NCLR alum now working with the Texas-based nonprofit Southwest Key.  Now, Christian serves as Southwest Key’s VP for Strategic Engagement. “I’d missed feeling something more purposeful; now I’m taking the tools I learned in the corporate world back to the community,” she said.

Originally from Mexico, Christian’s family settled in Texas when she was eight. She heard the harassment her family members endured, being told to go back to Mexico. Despite these hardships, she and her brother graduated from prestigious colleges, and her parents became home and business owners. “Families like mine that have hope and drive that UnidosUS fights for – that’s why I’m still a supporter. It’s important to give back, when I can, to bolster organizations that continue to fight for us,” she explained. “I have tremendous admiration for this organization. I foresee always staying connected as a friend, advocate, alum, and long-term donor. This is truly my family. It’s helped shape me into who I am. I’m eternally grateful.”

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