Sources of opportunities and resources for Latinos in the U.S.: Our Outstanding Affiliates

As we gather for this year’s UnidosUS Annual Conference in Texas, we are thrilled to introduce the 2022 Affiliates of the Year, from whom a national awardee will be announced during the Awards Gala on Monday, July 11. Get to know these six outstanding community-based organizations.

By Aida Cardenas, Affiliate Engagement Specialist, and Beatriz Paniego-Béjar, Senior Affiliate Communications Specialist, UnidosUS

The 2022 Annual Conference brings UnidosUS and its Affiliates to San Antonio to connect Latino community leaders, business leaders, young advocates, and allies from around the country. It’ll be three days of plenaries; workshops on education, health, workforce development, professional development, and housing; and celebrations as well.

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The Conference brings us together to recognize and acknowledge the work our Affiliates do all year round on behalf of Latino communities throughout the United States. These are the six regional Affiliates we are recognizing this year:

TODEC Legal Center (California)

Since its founding in the 80’s, TODEC has worked to fill the gaps and support needs within their community, including legal services, policy advocacy, education, civic engagement, and housing. TODEC, founded by Luz Maria and Antonio Ayala, was born out of the many injustices immigrants in the Inland Empire of California suffered, such as harsh treatment from employers, racial profiling from police, and neglect from politicians. “Ever since, when our community tells us what they need, whether it’s English as a second language classes or greater protections for renters, we work together to meet them,” TODEC explains. Learn more about this organization here.

Promise Arizona (Far West)

Promise Arizona (PAZ) is a longtime Affiliate, community-based organization, and committed collaborator. Leveraging its partnership with UnidosUS and neighboring Affiliates, PAZ has participated in initiatives that continue to build “immigrant and Latino political power [that] is key to bringing hope, dignity, and progress to our communities.” Among PAZ’s work, building immigrant and political power is core to their mission. “We were born out of a passion for fairness and unity, and our organization strives to promote and harness the power of the Latino community in Arizona,” Promise Arizona states. Learn more here.

Latino Policy Forum (Midwest)

With its stated mission to “build the power, influence, and leadership of the Latino community through collective action,” the Latino Policy Forum (LPF) is a steward of the needs, interests, and concerns of the Latino community. They work with its member organizations to understand those concerns, and they are informed by their understanding of what is required for Latinos to flourish. LPF has been exemplary in carrying out actions consistent with the three impact goals of UnidosUS: defining the Latino narrative; scaling their work for impact; and developing the leaders of the 21st century. In all those areas, the Forum has collaborated with more than 100 Latino-serving organizations to establish bold, innovative, and highly impactful programming. You can learn more about LPF’s work here.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens CDC, Inc. (Northeast)

Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens CDC, Inc. (NHSQ) has been serving Queens neighborhoods for over 20 years, supporting local families to achieve and preserve homeownership, a key determinant to generate wealth. They have leveraged partnerships with JFK Airport as well as UnidosUS by participating in two workforce development programs, which continue and scale their services to serve women, Spanish speakers, and immigrants. NHSQ also supports Latinos through first-time homebuyer programs, financial capabilities, and more. Learn more here.

One Stop Career Center (Southeast)

Upon becoming a UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance (UWHA) agency in 2015 and an Affiliate in 2017, One Stop Career Centers, Inc. (OSCC) has quickly become a top-tier agency in our network. Commitment to their community’s social and economic mobility is evident in their breadth of services around housing, legal assistance, workforce development, post-incarceration and re-entry services, transitional health care, and community housing development, all of which have been in critical demand in Puerto Rico as it continues to recover from a series of natural disasters that crippled the island’s infrastructure. OSCC has demonstrated tremendous resiliency, overcoming challenges and continuing to serve the community despite a series of natural disasters. You can read more about OSCC here.

Mexican American Unity Council (Texas)

The Mexican American Unity Council (MAUC) was incorporated in 1967 to diligently organize for the economic and political empowerment of the Mexican American population in San Antonio, Texas. MAUC was also one of the seven original Affiliates of the then Southwest Council of La Raza and has been a strong partner ever since. Notably, MAUC President and CEO Fernando S. Godínez created a model to promote staff from inside the organization by setting up layers for professional growth, building Latino leaders at MAUC and the region. Learn more about MAUC here.

This year we also celebrate the Affiliates below for their work and their legacy. The UnidosUS Affiliate Network is at the heart of our work and a source of opportunity and resources to the communities they serve every day. It is our pleasure to recognize their excellence and endless commitment to Latinos across the country. Stay tuned to our social networks to find out the National Affiliate of the Year awardee.




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