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Bringing COVID-19 vaccines information directly into Latino neighborhoods

UnidosUS set a goal to raise $15 million for our Esperanza Hope for All Campaign (EHFA) by the end of 2021. We’re thrilled to report that we’ve met 78% of our goal, $11,753,000, thanks to your commitment to the campaign’s objectives: to mitigate the health, economic, and education implications of COVID-19 for Latinos.

Nearly 75% of the funds are dedicated to the comprehensive vaccine equity, education, and uptake work that we’ve undertaken. Our outreach and public health education efforts have reached over 24 million Latinos via a targeted public awareness ad campaign, which includes radio and digital outlets, as well as virtual events.

In tandem with the ad campaign, our Vaccine Education Mobile Tour has been deployed in 12 markets since it launched in April. In collaboration with our Affiliates and partners, we’ve hosted over 200 local events—reaching over 31,000 people—to bring COVID-19 vaccine information into Hispanic neighborhoods, including rural and urban communities where health resources are lacking or difficult to access.

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We also leveraged partnerships with Walmart and Walgreens to connect mobile tour attendees with free vaccines administered through their pharmacies. And our partnerships with 33 Affiliates resulted in 82,000 people vaccinated.

And all this work is paying off! As of September, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 73% of Latino respondents have been vaccinated with at least one shot, slightly higher than white adults (71%) and Black adults (70%).

The Vaccine Education Mobile Tour and the ad campaign are but just a couple of the various efforts directed at tackling the health, economic, and education impacts of the pandemic on our community. Thanks to your support, the Esperanza Hope for All Campaign encompasses a broad scope of work so that UnidosUS can meaningfully address the diverse needs of the Latino community related to COVID-19 recovery.

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