NEW REPORT: The Latino community in the time of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the cracks in our nation’s foundation. UnidosUS and its Affiliates have stepped up to respond to our community’s needs across health, economic concerns, and the education of our nation’s children. But a more complete picture of the scope of the pandemic’s impact was yet to be calculated until now.

The Latino Community in the Time of Coronavirus

Our new report, The Latino Community in the Time of Coronavirus: The Case for a Broad and Inclusive Government Response, documents how the Latino community is facing disparate health and economic impacts from the pandemic, while considering some of the pre-existing economic and health vulnerabilities that the Latino community faced prior to federal, state and local government responses to the pandemic.

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It examines the scope and composition of Latino and immigrant communities left out of recent legislative pandemic recovery efforts.

And it calls on our leaders to enact expansive and deliberate policies to provide relief for all communities in the interest of achieving a swift and sustainable recovery that avoids widening disparities between Latinos and other racial and ethnic groups in America.

  • Read the executive summary here
  • View the full report here
  • Listen to the media call below:

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