A look beyond the border: How Trump’s family separation policies are hurting our community

On March 15, we will host a panel discussion on our new white paper Beyond the Border: Family Separation in the Trump Era. The publication challenges the notion that the Trump administration has only engaged in family separation at the border, and examines how the policies the administration has implemented affect immigrants across the country.

Millions of U.S. citizen children are at risk of being separated from their parents every day because of the policies put in place by Trump. And it’s clear the Latino community is suffering the most.

The heightened risk of deportation and family separations increase the likelihood that U.S. citizen children will bear the brunt of the direct long-term costs of the Trump administration’s immigration policies, though the full impact of those policies could well be felt by all of us.

The first section of the report examines the scope and composition of the Trump administration’s family separation policies. The next section takes an in-depth look at immigration enforcement practices over time and their implications for the present.

Then, we analyze in detail the harms to U.S. citizen children in terms of economic prosperity, health and nutrition, educational attainment, and safety. The white paper concludes with a discussion of the implications for American society as a whole.


Tomorrow’s panel discussion will feature Carlos Guevara, Senior Policy Advisor for UnidosUS’s immigration team, Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of the NY Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, and Manny A. Aceves, E.d.D., Chief External Impact Officer of KIPP LA Public Schools. UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía will give opening remarks.

To watch to the panel discussion, tune in to our Facebook at 10:00AM ET this Friday. To read more about how the Trump administration’s policy of family separation has impacted our community’s daily lives, look below to view our Beyond the Border blog series.

Beyond the Border

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