UnidosUS Board member Gaby Pacheco shares her journey with a new generation of activists

Gaby Pacheco| What the Dreamers can teach the Parkland kids
Gaby Pacheco
Credit: TheDream.us

This past weekend, Gaby Pacheco, Program Director at TheDream.us and a member of UnidosUS’s Board of Directors, had an op-ed published in The New York Times about her experience with the DREAMer movement and how the Parkland students could learn from the movement.

In the piece, Pacheco recounts how she learned she was undocumented, as well as her experience marching the 1,500 miles from Miami to Washington, DC to fight for DREAMer youth and their families.

She also offers wisdom to the Parkland student activists that include ensuring that the movement includes traditionally marginalized voices, guards against politicians who would seek to co-opt the movement and will do nothing to create change, and to ensure that there is a succession plan in place to ensure that the movement continues to grow and is able to create lasting change.

Young people—like Gaby—have the potential to create so much change in our country, and we look forward to seeing the Parkland students continue to raise their voices and demand lasting change.

This weekend, we will also join thousands of student activists in the March for Our Lives. To learn more about the March, go here.

But before that we will bring together aspiring activists and community leaders for two days of advocacy training at the UnidosUS Leaders in Action Summit in Washington, DC.


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