Senators: We Urge You to Vote ‘No’ on Tax Bill

We must work together to secure the future of our nation’s children.

Americans believe in a fair economy that provides a chance for all people to succeed. Our nation’s tax system should reflect those values.

But the current Republican tax plan will hurt the economy, cost us jobs, and lead to huge cuts in programs that help our community, working families, and children.

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GOP Tax Plan

As the Senate prepares to vote this week on this harmful #GOPTaxScam, we sent an official letter to Senate leadership urging a ‘no’ vote.

Under this plan, the richest 1% of Americans and largest corporations receive at least 50% of tax cuts, while working families and children are provided barely any relief. In fact, millions of workers and families will actually see a tax hike.

Millionaires and billionaires will save over $34,000 per year on their taxes meanwhile, 82 million middle-class families will see an increase in their taxes.

Read the full letter below:

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