“We Will Not Be Tricked for Their Treats”: We Attend Rally Against the GOP Tax Plan

“We will not be tricked for their treats,” Representative Pramila Jayapal said to attendees that gathered today for a rally in opposition to the GOP’s forthcoming tax plan.

Standing in front of the Capitol in Washington, legislators and activists warned attendees that the GOP’s tax plan—which is expected to be officially released this week—would strip hardworking low- and middle-income families out of their money, and give it to the wealthiest Americans.

Rally against the GOP tax plan.

In one example, Representative Maxine Waters noted that the GOP tax framework that had been made public left 16 million children out of an “expansion” of the Child Tax Credit.

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Waters, along with another speaker at the rally, Frank Clemente, Executive Director of Americans for Tax Fairness, noted that the GOP tax framework called for a 0% tax rate on off-shore corporate profits.

Representative Lloyd Doggett added that this 0% rate on corporate profits sends a clear message: “Dodge your takes here, invest abroad, outsource jobs abroad.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed the rally against the GOP tax plan.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed the rally.

The tax framework that was proposed would also lead to caps on 401(k) contributions—critical savings programs used by the middle class in order to save for retirement.

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Another measure proposed would eliminate the estate tax—a tax that only affects the extremely wealthy and their heirs.

When the House passed their 2018 budget nearly two weeks ago, they cleared the way for these shameful tax reforms. The budget that was passed amended H. Con. Res. 71, the blueprint passed by the House earlier in October. If adopted, it will slash funding for crucial programs to provide massive tax cuts to wealthy people and large corporations.

Among the budget’s most devastating cuts are to programs that help children, seniors, and working families stay above the poverty line.

While the exact details of the tax plan and their impact on American families and the economy as a whole are not yet known, activists and legislators alike urged those at the rally to stay engaged and hold accountable those who are pushing for a tax break for the already wealthy.

“We will win this fight if we reach out to each other all across the nation,” said Representative Keith Ellison. “We need a tax code that helps lift us up—not push us down.”

You can watch the archived Facebook Live video of the rally below:

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