Five Ways You Can Take Action to Protect Our Care

“Save the ACA”
Rally in Support of the Affordable Care Act, at The White House, Washington, DC USA, see

Thanks to your efforts, and the efforts of millions of Americans, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still the law of the land. However, this fight is not over. Our health and the health of our community remains under attack.

Last month, the latest effort to repeal the ACA failed. If passed, the repeal bill, named the American Health Care Act (AHCA), would cause 24 million Americans to lose health coverage and cut Medicaid by around $800 billion over 10 years. However, rather than move on from a bill that only 17 percent of Americans support, Members of Congress want to revive this bad bill, and make it even worse.

While this effort continues in Congress, YOU can continue to make your voice heard. Between now and April 23, members are in their districts for the April congressional recess. While they are back home, they need to hear from you.

Here are five ways you can make your voice heard during the April recess:

  1. Turn out to town halls or other events. Is your member holding a town hall or another public event? Find out here, and tell your member why your health care is too important for them to gamble.
  2. No town hall? Set up a district meeting. If your member has chosen not to host a town hall, request a meeting at their district office.
  3. Get your member on the record. Tell your member to recommit to opposing efforts to cut health coverage, increase costs, or eliminate basic services – like cancer screenings and prescription drugs. Go here for ideas of questions to ask your member.
  4. Hold your member accountable. Nearly 100 members came out publicly in support of taking coverage away from millions of Americans. They need to hear directly from their constituents about what that means at public events, at press conferences, through letters to the editor, calls to their offices, and social media. If your member opposed this effort, make sure to thank them and encourage them to keep opposing this bad bill.
  5. Need some help with what to say? Here are some talking points to get you started.

Millions of Americans have spoken up and made their voices heard in the effort to #ProtectAndDefend our health care. Now’s not the time to let up.

We must continue to stay loud and we need your voice. As we’ve seen over the past few weeks and months, when the American people show up and speak out, they have tremendous power to influence Washington.

Your voice matters. Make it count.

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