New Poll Shows Latino Voters Are Excited to Vote in November


If you thought Latino voters were only mildly interested in the 2016 election, think again. In a new text message poll of the NCLR Action Network, the vast majority of those who responded said they were “enthusiastic” about voting in this year’s elections.

In the survey of more than 700 people, we found that 653 were registered voters. Of those polled, 74 percent said they were excited to vote this year, compared to 26 percent who said they were not.


As far as barriers to voting, a whopping 86 percent said there was nothing holding them back from going to their polling place this November. Additionally, many respondents had strong opinions on what is motivating them to vote. In an open-ended question about what is driving them to vote, “immigration” and “Donald Trump” were the two largest motivating factors for our Action Network respondents.


As Election Day approaches, NCLR is working hard to register as many voters as possible. Through our brand new app, Latinos Vote, we are reaching more eligible Latino voters than ever before. It’s critical that Latinos register to vote, especially since nearly one million Latinos become eligible to vote every year. Flexing our political muscle can only happen if we register to vote first.


We’re happy to see that so many of our Action Network members are ready to vote on November 8. Whether you are passionate about immigration, the economy, or fighting bigotry, we want you to do your civic duty and make sure you get to the polls this Election Day. Become a voter today and help advance your family and community tomorrow.

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