A Latino Vote Roundtable: Shaping the 2016 Elections


The Latino vote is dynamic and powerful. But what does this large and influential voting bloc look like in 2016?

Tomorrow, September 8, we’ll be hosting a “Latino Vote Roundtable: Shaping the 2016 Elections” at our Headquarters in Washington, DC.  With panelists from Latino Decisions and Voto Latino, we’ll explore the growing Hispanic electorate, its increasing geographic diversity, national efforts to engage and register eligible voters, and Latino enthusiasm about the upcoming elections.

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A recent poll demonstrates that Latino voters are highly enthusiastic about voting in the November election. We’ll take a deep dive and talk about whether this larger and more active Latino electorate will tip the balance in local, state or national races this November. Are the parties making their case to the Latino community, which is over 55 million strong? What will motivate Latinos to turn out to vote this coming Election Day? These are just some of the questions our panelists will tackle.

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You can follow the conversation on Twitter with #LatinosVote. We’ll also be streaming the event live via our Facebook page. Go to nclr.us/fblive at 11 a.m. ET to watch the live stream.


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