This Mother’s Day, Spread Amor

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we honor the women who gave us the means to be successful, healthy human beings. Unfortunately, many undocumented mothers will spend this day in fear of being sent back into the harsh locales from which they escaped with their children. For some, their sacrifice means never seeing their children again.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, DC-area folk group Elena & Los Fulanos, featuring former NCLR alumna Elena Lacayo, has released a new music video for “Amor Migrante,” a song detailing the immense struggle and sacrifice made by immigrant mothers. The video features Rosario, an undocumented mother who has not seen her son, José Ramón, in more than 12 years.

This Mother’s Day, reflect on all the opportunities you owe to your own mother, and empathize with those still seeking out a new life for their children.