This Week in Immigration Reform — Week Ending January 8


Week Ending January 8

This week in immigration reform: NCLR opposes community raids; and administrative relief case could be granted certiorari by the Supreme Court later this month.

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NCLR issues statement condemning ICE community raids: Following the December announcement that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) would begin conducting raids to remove certain Central American immigrants fleeing violence NCLR joined a chorus of civil rights and Congressional leaders voicing concern with the Administration’s actions. In a press release, NCLR President and CEO Janet Murguía said, “The government should not deport anyone with a well-founded fear of persecution in their home countries, as required by U.S. law, international agreements, and frankly, basic humanity. We are especially concerned that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents are engaging in community raids, a practice that NCLR has long opposed and that the administration wisely reduced several years ago.”

The Obama administration’s decision to conduct these deportations was also met with criticism by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other Democratic members of Congress. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) called the raids “a cruel reminder of a discredited policy,” while Senator Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) argued that the raids target undocumented immigrants “whose only mistake was to escape a certain death in their native countries.” Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Linda T. Sanchez added in a press release, “Raiding people’s homes to forcibly break families apart is not what our country stands for. Our federal government should not be separating parents from their children. Invading homes is inhumane and adds to the trauma of these families fleeing violence and oppression. Many recent immigrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are escaping one of the most dangerous regions in the world.”

President’s immigration actions could see Supreme Court this term: Next Friday, January 15, the Supreme Court will consider the Administration’s petition for writ of certiorari regarding the DAPA and expanded DACA programs. If Justices decide to grant certiorari, oral arguments could be held in April, with a decision handed down in June. If the Supreme Court does not reach a decision on the case next Friday, an additional conference day is scheduled for the following Friday, January 22nd. The National Immigration Law Center created an interactive timeline to follow the case, available here.

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