How to Pack Healthy School Lunches: Thursday

The fourth in our school lunch series comes to us from the Associate Director of our Institute for Hispanic Health, Alejandra Gepp. Her daughter Annie is 13 and takes gym class five days a week. She is also an avid soccer player. To get Annie through what can be long days, Alejandra makes sure to pack a lunch and snacks.

Here’s what Alejandra packed for Annie:

Annie's Lunch_Alejandra_smsize

• Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on 100% whole wheat bread
• Low-fat yogurt
• Grapes
• Almonds with dark chocolate
• Granola bar and apple sauce (for an after-school snack)

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Helpful Tip: Use whole grains and lean meats. Sandwiches are a popular and convenient choice for school lunches. They can provide children with at least 2–4 of the differentfood groups. When choosing bread, read the nutrition label to see if “whole grain” is the first ingredient listed or choose bread that is labeled “100% whole wheat”; white, “enriched,” and “refined” breads have little nutritional value. If the main flour listed on the label is “wheat” or “unbleached wheat flour,” the product is not whole grain. For protein, use lean luncheon meats, such as low-fat turkey breast, chicken breast, or ham. If you must add cheese, make sure it’s also low-fat. With peanut butter, opt for natural or a brand that has no additives, when possible.

Be sure to check back here tomorrow for the last in our series of healthy school lunches for your children

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