How to Pack Healthy School Lunches: Wednesday

Today’s school lunch comes to us from our Communications Manager, Kathy Mimberg. Kathy has the oldest child to feed this week as Matthew has just started high school. Matthew is a very active teenager, participating in a variety of sports seven days a week. He has some great lunch in store for him today! Here’s what Kathy packed for her growing, energetic 14-year-old:


  • Tuna (canned, packed in water) mixed with light mayonnaise, cumin, and raisins, on multigrain bread
  • Apple slices dunked in water and lemon juice to prevent browning
  • Red pepper and cucumber slices with light ranch dressing
  • Almonds, raw and unsalted
  • Plain popcorn
  • Bottled water

Helpful tip: Include variety and start early. The key to providing children with good nutrition is to have well-rounded meals that include the various food groups. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, keep it colorful and strive to eat fruits and vegetables that represent a whole rainbow of benefits. Presentation matters, even for children, so get creative with designing fun and visually appealing meals and snacks. Remember to start early and introduce healthy foods as early as infancy.

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Be sure to check back here tomorrow for another nutritious meal to send to school with your child.

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