Three Things to Look Forward to at the 2015 NCLR Health Summit

Health Summit picWith less than two weeks to go before the 2015 Health Summit in San Antonio, we’d like to share what Health Summit attendees can expect at this year’s gathering.

The 2015 NCLR Health Summit will focus on the “built environment,” or the places we live, work, and play that affect our health. Speakers will discuss their experiences in harnessing the built environment to promote mental and physical well-being. Here are three things attendees can expect from the 2015 NCLR Health Summit:

1.  Attendees will learn about how the built environment affects our health. 

Having sidewalks in a neighborhood increases the likelihood that residents will be physically active. Other factors and places not traditionally associated with health also have an impact on well-being. Sessions such as “Health at Home: Lessons Learned in Working toward Healthier Housing” and “Healthy Schools, Health Communities” will focus on how places where we spend so much of our time can promote health.

2.  Gain insight from best practices and model health programs that are effective in Hispanic communities. 

Throughout the Summit, we will have NCLR Affiliates and other organizations share real-life examples of the work they are doing in different arenas. For example, Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, an Affiliate based in El Paso, Texas, will be sharing the work they do to promote health while working with the values of the Latino community. Representatives from the American Heart Association will share their advocacy experiences in making sure all Texans have access to fresh fruit and vegetables.

3.  Get hands-on advocacy training to bring about change in our communities and improve Latino health. 

This year, the Summit will feature two hands-on advocacy trainings. Robyn Orth of Eli Lilly and Company will lead digital advocacy training. Learn techniques for different digital strategies for organizations of all sizes. In addition, she will share tips for using new social media, such as Snapchat, in advocacy efforts. Alexandra Harris from the National Association of Community Health Centers will lead grassroots advocacy training. Attendees will have an opportunity to practice their advocacy skills during this session using real-life examples.

Are you ready to hear from community leaders and gain valuable skills with us in San Antonio? Registration is still open; discounts are available for NCLR Affiliates and students. We’ll see you there!

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