***UPDATED*** Join us for the NCLR Annual Conference Blogger Meetup in L.A.!

conferencebanners-04Latinos were instrumental in the 2012 reelection of President Obama, solidifying their crucial role in the national political landscape as a powerful voting bloc. In the election’s aftermath, Democrats and Republicans both expressed the will to do more outreach and work on legislative priorities close to the Latino community, particularly immigration reform.

Yet two years later, while the Senate has made significant progress by passing a bipartisan immigration bill, House Republican leadership has squandered the best opportunity our country has had in a generation.

To ensure that elected officials understand our community will hold them accountable for their inaction on immigration reform, we initiated a significant voter registration effort aimed at thousands of Latinos in key states. Maximizing the power of the Latino vote will require us to look at new ways to engage the community, including through digital tools. At the 2014 NCLR Annual Conference Blogger Meetup in Los Angeles, we’ll delve deeper into what this means as we head into the midterm elections and toward 2016.

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This Blogger Meetup is on Saturday, July 19, from 4:45 to 5:45 p.m. in Concourse 153 A-B of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Moderator: Jonathan Marrero, Senior Manager, Digital, NCLR

Jimmy Hernandez, Communications Director, Voto Latino
Clarissa Martinez de Castro, Deputy Vice President, Policy, NCLR
Matthew McClellan, Executive Director, NCLR Action Fund

The meetup will feature a Q&A and will cover:

  • The scope of our civic engagement efforts and collaboration with sister organizations
  • Voter ID laws and the challenges they pose for our community and our own registration efforts
  • How we can use digital to increase voter turnout and connect our community to not just elections but the issues they care about
  • What successful and culturally sensitive digital strategies for engaging Latinos look like

Register now for your opportunity to be a part of this rare and insightful event! 

We’ll see you in Los Angeles!

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