U.S. Senate Misses Opportunity to Provide Relief to Workforce

min_wage_3In disappointing move today, the U.S. Senate voted down the “Minimum Wage Fairness Act” (S. 2223), a bill that would have raised the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 by 2016. It would have also substantially increased the minimum wage for tipped workers, who make only $2.13 per hour. The party line vote is out of step with the American public, which supports raising the wage on a broad bi-partisan level. Senators truly missed an opportunity to help Americans in need.

NCLR President and CEO, Janet Murguía expressed her disappointment in a statement today just after the vote.

“As the fastest-growing segment of the American workforce, Latinos understand the value of hard work. Unfortunately, there are far too many hardworking individuals in this country who struggle to provide basic necessities for their families because they aren’t paid decent, livable wages. The Senate had the opportunity to remedy this situation and instead turned its back on the millions of American workers who needed this wage boost to help lift themselves out of poverty. It’s past time that our lawmakers listen to the American people, who overwhelmingly support raising the minimum wage to a level that respects and rewards hard work.”

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