What Does Citizenship Mean to You?


In recognition of National Citizenship Day, we asked our supporters on our Action Network to send in their responses of what it means to be a citizen.

Below are some of the best ones so far. Want to see your message here? Text USA to 62571 and tell us what being a citizen means to you!

Sharon from N.Y.: Being a citizen means I am part of the greatest country in the world.

Maria from Ill.: To be able to live the dream my parents wanted for us their children.

To defend the constitution of the United States.

Eloisa from N.J.: Citizenship is the right to be an active participant in the decision making in local, state, and federal govt. along with equal rights and opportunities to pursue your dreams and happiness.

Kristiana from Colo.: The right to organize, speak out, and the obligation stand for ourselves and our sisters and brothers who are silenced.

Being a good citizen is to be respectful, kind, hard working and humble but, at the same time proud to be a good American.

America para mi Es lo mas maravilloso que me paso en la vida pertenecer a esta gran nacion me siento bendecida con el privilegio!!!! Todos quieren ser y vivir aqui. Pero no todos pueden y me considero muy afortunada!!!

Vanessa from Texas: Being a citizen means that I have the freedom to voice my opinion for those that can’t speak means I can vote to make a difference for those that can't means that I am blessed to have been born here thanks to parents who came over to live the American dream.

Alexis from Texas: Es la mejor manera de colaborarle y contribuirle para que sea y siga siendo el mejor pais del mundo y de esa manera agradecerle la oportunidad que me dio por ser parte de su familia

Yolanda from Calif.: Citizenship means for me an open door to great opportunities and responsibilities: serve as a juror, Work for Governmental institutes, proud to be part of this great Nation, and most important of all is having a Voice during local and presidential elections. PROUD TO BE LATINA AND AMERICAN!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

Amor porque amo USA. Y estoy orgullosa de ser Americana

Being a citizen means I get to practice my rights.

Roberto: Significa ser un miembro util para este pais que nos brida su apoyo

Tadeo from Wash.: Being a citizen allows me to more effectively participate in the continuos formation of a more perfect union in this country I love.

Jose: Yo no soy sidadano pero para mi se signicaria compromiso, orgullo, responsabilidad y sobretodo libertad. Libertad de vivir sonar y luchar por la vida con la frente en alto sin tener k esconderme para trabajar.

Marion from Ohio: it means that I can be proud of where I was born and that I live with the greatest freedoom of speech of any country.

<Maydorena from Ariz.: Significa seguridad, derechos, y mejores oportunidades.

Beatriz: Be respectful, responsible, kind to your neighbors and country.

Andres: Se significa poner en alto el nombre de tu pais en otro pais.

Marisabel from Calif: Opportunity, working for the greater good and respecting the freedom of others

Ivette from N.J.: Para ser ciudadano hacido un paso muy importante en mi vida y me siento orgullosa de ser una ciudadana americana con orgullo. viva America

Sandy from Texas: As a citizen I am grateful to live in a country where I can be informed and able to make educated decisions in the areas that are important to me, my family and community.

Guadalupe: VIVIR MEJOR.

Marta from Texas: Being a u.s. citizen means that I am free to exercise my rights, voice my opinion and fight for my rights!

Guadalupe: Ser ciudadano para mi significa una nueva oportunidad para mi y los mios, la posibilidad de prosperar sin temor de ser rechazado por mi status.

Milton from Tenn.: It means that I can go, say and do as I please within the laws of this great land and have opportunity to help make it better for all its citizens!

Todo. Ser ciudadano es perteneser a un lugar y un orgullo.

Tatiana from N.Y.: For me being a citizen of the U.S. means that I can take advantage of the many opportunities offered by my country to the fullest. It also means peace of mind.

Para mi ser ciudadana de este glorioso pais ha sido como volver a nacer de nuevo pero en un paiz de libertad.

Brenda from Texas: It’s means freedom, dreams, and opportunities. Both my parents just became US citizens a month ago, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.


Laura from Fla.: To have the opportunity to make a difference.

Maria from Texas: Ser ciudadana de este pais aparte de sentirme parte de el, me siento con orgullo de vivir aqui y poder ejercer mis derechos de votar y participar

Belinda from Calif.: As a citizen of USA it means to contribute to show respect to our flag and comply with following the rules of this country

Para mi es un honor ser ciudadano de los Estados unidos y le doy gracias a Dios por permitirme amar tanto a esta gran nacion

Nancy from Calif: I became a citizen at age 20 after living in the US my whole life. For me it was validating to get that affirmation and recognition from my government that I am what I always felt inside-an American.

Significa que soy parte de esta gran nacion que da muchas oportunidades para vivir mejor

Being a citizen means having more oportunity.

Ser ciudadana norte-americana para mi: es tener la identidad que DIOS todo-poderoso me da en este maravilloso pais. Gracias por dejarme opinar.

I was born in the US so being a citizen means I have privileges I did not earn; therefore I feel responsible to help provide opportunities to others who don’t have those privileges. That’s why I teach citizenship classes and am an immigration rights activist.

Gerardo: Ser ciudadano es muestra mas grande de Civismo, repeto por el pais que nos da la oportunidad de perseguir metas y hacerle saber al mundo que es

Being a citizen of this country has allowed me the OPPORTUNITY to improve the quality of my life and that of my fellow family members.

Ser ciudadano es un orgullo y un honor muchos quieren llegar y no pueden disfrutemos los k podemos y vamos a valorar

Being American to me means possibilities and hard work. In the USA we work hard and it amounts to something. I love my country!!

Poder ciudadano es mejores oportunidades y mejores empleos para todos y mejores beneficios.

Danny from Texas: To me, being a US citizen is a Blessing from GOD because not everyone here in the U.S., especially in other countries is given this same opportunity.

Karen:Significa tener los derechos de ciudadana en los Estados Unidos. Al mismo tiempo teniendo un buen provenir con todas las oportunidades que se ofrecen

Being a citizen means opportunity, hope, motivation, pride, and optimism! I love my country!

Es seguridad es traquilidad

Right to vote. Each vote counts toward a majority.

Georgina from Ariz.: America significa tener el derecho de votar y poder hacer la diferencia como imigrantes de este pais.

Kirsten from D.C.: Citizenship means equal access to resources and the right for my voice to be heard in policies that govern my life.

Para mi significa ser importante en este pais. Pagar impuestos. tener un trabago estable


Raul from N.Y.: Lo mejor k me ha pasado despues de mis hijo. Gracias.

Patricia from Geo.: Means equal oportinity of job and retirement benefits..better job stability..driving privileges and more!!!!

Esthela: Para mi ser ciudadana es un orgullo para votar

Being a citizen means having a voice in my country.

Juan: Significa ser libre en el pais de la libertad. Y sentime igual en un pais de igualdades. FELIZ DIA.

Being a citizen it’s knowing that you belong to a society in which your rights are validated and that you are allow to be who you are.

Mejor oportunidad de vida

BEING AMERICAN means fighting for individuals and societies rights.standing up to those in power and letting them know the people run this country.

Ser ciudadano para mi significa dar un paso mas en este pais.. poder recibir mejor oportunidad de vida.. en cuestion de conseguir un mejor trabajo

Jessica from N.Y.: Being a citizen=a privilege to affect the change we want to see and never taking that for granted

Josephina from Ky.: Mas oportunidades y menos discriminacion!

Felipe from Fla.: Being an American citizen make me feel that most of my dreams came true…It’s a wonderful being part of a nation that fights for people’s rights.

Seguridad en este pais gracias.

Achieving social justice, taking Democracy to next level and making a country worth fighting for!

It means having more chances than most of the world

Being free and having rights

Simon from Mich.: Being a citizen is a privilege and comes with great responsibility to help others across planet without the same privileges

What being a citizen means to me is that I am able to accomplish things other people dream of. The chance to get ahead in life.

Maria from Ariz: Means I have the privilege to practice (any) faith, read any literature, speak freely and vote in a democratic system.

Francisco from Texas: It means the whole world to me

Pat from Wash.: Being a citizen means participating: voting, communicating with our legislators, standing up when our country veers off track.

Jessica from N.Y.: It means representing my country with dignity, loyalty, respect.

Being a citizen to me means being a part of a community 300 million strong, all free, all equal to seek happiness and prosperity.

Ingrid from Ohio: Opportunities for my children

Being a citizen to me means my grandpa’s sweat, blood, tears, sacrifice and hard work to see his dream of a better life for his family has become a reality

Having equal rights, freedom to express myself voice my options on matters of interest without fear of prosecution.

Christina from Calif.: I am proud to be an American! Where else in the world could I embrace my roots and cultural background, yet still share and express my patriotism of us Americans. God bless America!

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