Tell Gov. Rick Scott to Protect Workers Rights!

Call Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s office RIGHT NOW at 877-274-0951 and tell him to stand with Florida’s working families and protect workers rights by vetoing HB 655!

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We need to keep working together to defeat Florida’s HB 655, a bill ironically named “Employment Benefits”. This disastrous piece of legislation would force working families to go without pay or be fired because they need to leave work to care for a sick child or family member.  No one should be forced to work when they are ill and put our public health at risk.  Attempts to undercut workers’ rights, such as HB 655, are an affront to hardworking families, and they hurt our local economies and communities alike.

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Check out what life without earned sick time looks like:

The bill is on Gov. Rick Scott’s desk right now. At any moment, the governor could sign this dangerous bill, which would block local governments from requiring businesses to offer workers paid sick days.  We need you to act! Call Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s office RIGHT NOW at 877-274-0951 and tell him to do the right thing for Floridians: Veto HB 655!

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