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NCLR 2005-2009 Strategic Plan

Author: NCLR
Contact: comments@nclr.org
Date: Oct 1, 2004
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The NCLR 2005-2009 Strategic Plan updates and significantly expands the institutional strategies that are critical to NCLR’s ability to achieve its goals.


This Strategic Plan largely reaffirms the program and institutional priorities identified in NCLR's 2000-2004 Strategic Plan. As discussed in greater detail below, the 2005-2009 Strategic Plan outlines specific objectives and assessment indicators for the program areas identified in the previous plan: Assets/Investments, Employment and Economic Status (formerly "Economic Mobility"), Education, and Health. The 2005-2009 Plan includes an additional program priority, with specific objectives and measurements: Civil Rights/Immigration, which had been integrated into the Image/Media section of the previous plan. In addition, this Strategic Plan updates and significantly expands the institutional strategies identified in the previous plan, which are critical to NCLR's ability to achieve its goals, including defining more specific benchmarks related to core support/administrative functions and enhancing efforts undertaken by NCLR's Strategic Communications Group.

Additionally, in the context of this reaffirmation, there are two major new areas of emphasis in the 2005-2009 Strategic Plan:

* First, a core element of the Plan underscores NCLR's renewed commitment to its affiliates. The Plan proposes the development of a strategy to redefine relationships with affiliates to ensure that the work we undertake with affiliates is aligned with and supports NCLR strategic goals, that NCLR investments in each of its strategic goals are integrated with affiliate services, and that the focus is on measurable impact. At the same time, the Plan provides a path toward internally improving and elevating NCLR's "customer services" to its affiliate network.

* Second, the Plan proposes the establishment of a "comprehensive, integrated marketing and communications strategy" for NCLR. In addition to the institution's long-standing and ongoing commitment to improving media portrayals and public images of Latinos, the Plan emphasizes solidifying the NCLR "brand" and increasing the visibility of the organization itself.


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