NCLR Principles on the Federal Budget


The federal budget is a reflection of the highest priorities of our society. Decisions our country makes about where to invest its dollars will determine what kind of future we create for the next generation. Hispanics, who comprise a young, aspiring, and vital segment of the American people, want a budget that can help create a bright future for all Americans. NCLR will follow the principles below when examining federal budget proposals in 2013 and beyond. They are derived from a thorough assessment of the priorities of Latino voters and their families, including their children, who will form the bedrock of the nation’s future workers, taxpayers, citizens, and decision-makers. Before supporting any budget plan, NCLR will examine whether the proposals achieve the following: Create jobs. Invest in our future. Protect the most vulnerable and working families. Share responsibility fairly for deficit reduction. Foster economic mobility.


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