Our Issue Area Experts

Our experts have decades of experience analyzing trends that affect Latinos on the federal and state levels. Our expertise extends beyond the Latino vote to include our core issue areas. To schedule an interview with one of our experts please contact news@unidosus.org.

Civic Engagement and the Latino Vote

  • Clarissa MartinezDeputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Bio
  • Eric Rodriguez, Senior Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Bio
  • Jared Nordlund, Florida State Director | Bio

Economic Empowerment

  • Lautaro "Lot" Diaz, Vice President, Housing and Community Development | Bio


  • Rita Carreón, Vice President, Health | Bio


  • Margaret R. (Peggy) McLeod, EDD, Vice President, Education, Workforce Development, and Evaluation | Bio
  • Amalia Chamorro, Director, Education | Bio

Immigrant Integration

  • Carlos A. Guevara, Associate Director, Immigration Policy Project, Policy and Advocacy | Bio
  • Clarissa Martinez, Deputy Vice President of Policy and Advocacy | Bio
  • Laura Vasquez, Program Manager, Immigration Initiatives | Bio