Where We Stand

To ensure that the postsecondary system better meets the needs of Latino students, policymakers should prioritize the following:

Restoring Equity in our Higher Education System

In 2020, UnidosUS released a A Path Forward for Latinos: Laying the Groundwork for Equity in Higher Education, a publication that lays out a series of goals and policy recommendations to restore equity in the higher education system and ensure it meets the needs of historically underserved students, including low-income and students of color.

  1. Make high-quality colleges and universities more affordable for high-need students.
  2. Make it simple and easy for economically disadvantaged students and parents to access and understand financial aid.
  3. Ensure equitable enrollment and admissions processes across all public colleges and universities.
  4. Increase degree attainment by investing in academic and comprehensive support programs for Latinos.
  5. Ensure that Latino students earn quality degrees across all institutions.
  6. Make student loans manageable and less of a financial risk to borrowers.
  7. Ensure that racial and ethnic opportunity gaps in higher education are addressed by requiring institutions to report and use student outcome measures to improve equity.
  8. Diversify the teacher workforce to improve Latino student outcomes.

View: A Path Forward for Latinos: Laying the Groundwork for Equity in Higher Education

Provide Student Debt Relief

UnidosUS supports the immediate cancellation of a minimum of $10,000 of federal student loan debt. Reducing the amount of debt owed would strengthen struggling borrowers’ ability to recover financially, close the racial wealth gap, and serve as an immediate economic stimulus.

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Higher Education Act Reauthorization 

Higher education is one of the surest pathways to economic and social mobility in this country, but unfortunately it remains out of reach for too many. Data shows that Latinos who possess a college degree tend to earn more than those with a high school diploma or less.

That is why we support a comprehensive and inclusive reauthorization of the Higher Education Act – one that aligns with UnidosUS Latino policy priorities regarding access, accountability, the college completion gap, rising costs, student borrowers, and teacher diversification—is hugely important.

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