The Most Important Issue to You in 2014: Immigration

Happy New Year!

As we start out 2014, we wanted to be sure we heard from you about what is most important as we begin our work. We’re happy today to report to you those results.

The results below reflect responses in English and Spanish from 467 participants. The majority of those surveyed selected immigration as the issue most important to them. Similar to the rest of the country, our survey respondents selected jobs as the next most important, followed by housing and education. We’re working hard to make sure comprehensive immigration reform becomes a reality in 2014.

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Here’s the breakdown by the numbers for all four questions:


Here’s the ethnic breakdown of our respondents:


And, the age range:


Finally, the political breakdown of all the participants:


Thank you to all to who texted us to participate. And, if you haven’t already done so, text REFORM to 62571 to be a part of the fight for immigration reform in 2014!

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