More Jobs, New Laws, and a Debate: This Week in Social Media

  1. This week in social media saw lots of legal and policy activity as Governor Brown of the nation’s largest state weighed in on several important immigration laws. He vetoed the TRUST Act we urged him to sign, but signed a bill authorizing Deferred-Action immigrant youth to apply for driver’s licenses.
  2. He also signed another bill giving private sector workers access to a retirement savings plan, which will assist thousands of Latino California families
  3. NCLR worked to provide banking and financial services to un-banked Latino Americans who would naturalize, if only they could afford the fees
  4. NCLR
    Too many Latinos can’t naturalize simply because they can’t afford the fees! We’re working to change that. #LATISM
    Mon, Oct 01 2012 09:31:41
  5. A study was released again confirming the economic impact of Latinos: If given legal status, undocumented people would add $329 Billion to the US economy!
  6. One of the nation’s strictest proposed Voter ID laws requiring photo-ID in Pennsylvania was struck down, allowing attempts at voter suppression to be defeated!
  7. On Wednesday, we held our 3rd annual Workforce Development Forum in LA, convening local government, business, and policy leaders to learn strategies to engage the Latino workforce
  8. NCLR
    RT @calgobears: Amazing speaker lineup @poderforum
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 09:59:26
  9. Latino support for Obama hit a high on Wednesday…
  10. NCLR
    Latino support for Obama hits 70% nationally, but swing state polls show a closer race. Your vote makes a difference!
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 10:01:02
  11. And Mitt Romney signals a slight shift in immigration policy. His staff clarified that he wouldn’t revoke Deferred Action for those already granted provisions, and would make comprehensive immigration reform a priority for his administration.
  12. NCLR
    On eve of 1st debate, Romney says he wouldn’t revoke #DeferredAction for DREAMers. We expect details at debate tonight
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 09:00:14
  13. We livetweeted the first debate with @OurTiempo, and neither candidates had anything to say about immigration…
  14. NCLR
    Debate was cautious, a good start but we expect more. Not a word on immigration or foreclosure and education was an afterthought #BeLatino
    Wed, Oct 03 2012 19:31:53
  15. The NFL rolled out its set of Hispanic Heritage Month features, which would honor Latino contributions to the sport with special events hosted by all NFL teams
  16. For the first time, the Obama Administration announced the creation of a National Monument to honor Mexican-Ameriacn civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. A great step forward!
  17. Homophobia has no place in the Latino community and we supported efforts for tolerance!
  18. NCLR
    We’re working hard to curb homophobia in the #Latino community. That’s why we support @Familiaefamilia. #LGBT
    Thu, Oct 04 2012 09:14:51
  19. As the national September jobs report was released showing unemployment finally dropping below 8%, we released our own Monthly Latino Employment Report.  We highlighted the good news (unemployment finally under 10%) and the bad: workplace fatalities are on the rise.
  20. NCLR
    Nat’l rate down, but Latino #unemployment is higher. Hispanics workplace fatalities also on rise. Read our jobs report
    Fri, Oct 05 2012 12:45:59
  21. NCLR
    Majority of Americans now believe #immigration reform should offer “path to legalization” for undocumented people
    Fri, Oct 05 2012 13:21:58
  22. A majority of Americans now favor a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants, and Hispanics are affecting national politics like never before.  This is the last week to register to vote in most states!
  23. NCLR
    Only a few days left to #Mobilize2Vote! This election will shape your future: take 2 mins and register today!
    Fri, Oct 05 2012 10:20:32

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