UnidosUS today issued the following statement by President and CEO Janet Murguía regarding the House’s vote to impeach President Trump.

Press Statement

UnidosUS President and CEO Janet Murguía’s Statement on Impeachment: 'Free and Fair Elections Are a Cornerstone of Our Democracy'

WASHINGTON, DC—UnidosUS (formerly National Council of La Raza)—the nation’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization—today issued the following statement by President and CEO Janet Murguía regarding the House’s vote to impeach President Trump. 

“UnidosUS supports the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. The Articles of Impeachment and the House Judiciary Committee report make clear that the president violated the law and his oath of office and abused his power in his attempt to manipulate a foreign country into a baseless investigation of one of his political opponents in order to bolster his re-election prospects.

It is no secret that we have had many issues with, and concerns about, this president and his treatment of the nearly 60 million Latinos who call this country home. To be crystal clear, our support of impeachment is not about those valid and appropriate issues and concerns; it is about upholding our Constitution, defending our democracy and protecting the integrity of our vote. Free and fair elections are a core tenet of our democracy, and of UnidosUS, and must be protected from foreign interference. The Latino community’s vote is currently and has been under siege, and we cannot afford to have a president who not only has done absolutely nothing to restore the integrity of our electoral process after the 2016 election but who has demonstrated his capacity and intention to subvert the election process in 2020.

Whatever the outcome in the Senate, the House vote sends a clear message: no one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law, and that in order to safeguard our precious democracy, we will not allow any attempt to sabotage our electoral system to go unchallenged or unaddressed.”

UnidosUS, previously known as NCLR (National Council of La Raza), is the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization. Through its unique combination of expert research, advocacy, programs, and an Affiliate Network of nearly 300 community-based organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico, UnidosUS simultaneously challenges the social, economic, and political barriers that affect Latinos at the national and local levels. For more than 50 years, UnidosUS has united communities and different groups seeking common ground through collaboration, and that share a desire to make our country stronger. For more information on UnidosUS, visit www.unidosus.org or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.