News Release

Trump’s and GOP’s Tax Law and Budget Cuts Will Hurt Florida’s Families

July 25, 2018

MIAMI, FLA.—Today, UnidosUS (formerly NCLR) hosted a roundtable on how South Florida’s Latino families could be affected by the new federal tax law and proposed congressional budget cuts.

The tax law enacted last year gave obscene tax breaks to wealthy Americans and large corporations at the expense of working families. UnidosUS issued a fact sheet last spring showing how the bill could erase the progress Florida’s Latinos have made in recent years and add $1.9 trillion to the U.S. deficit over the next decade.

At the roundtable, experts and community members discussed how the law—coupled with plans by President Trump and Republicans to slash social programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and critical Housing and Urban Development programs—could devastate working families in Florida. Latinos, displaced Puerto Ricans and children—since kids are the primary beneficiaries of safety-net programs—will bear the brunt of the impact from both the tax law and these proposed budget cuts.

Participants noted that President Trump and his GOP allies in Congress are eager to throw cash at the corporate elite and toward border enforcement and detention. Yet, they plead poverty when asked to aid children from low-income families or citizens fleeing hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Under the tax law, nearly one million immigrant children nationally and 120,000 Florida Latinos will no longer receive the Child Tax Credit. Trump has not extended FEMA’s Temporary Shelter Assistance program, which until two days ago housed 1,700 evacuees.

While some Latino taxpayers in Florida may see a meager tax cut of $260 in 2019, that break is fleeting and won’t fill the massive hole left by Trump’s and the GOP’s planned cuts to food, housing and health care programs. This $260 tax cut also pales in comparison to the more than $98,000 that will go to Florida’s top 1 percent.

By 2027, half of Florida’s Latinos will see their taxes rise by an average of $250 per year.

“This law was just a ruse to line the pockets of the rich and use the deficits generated by the Republicans’ own tax giveaway as an excuse to gut federal programs that help America’s working class,” said Rafael Collazo, Director of Political Campaigns at UnidosUS.

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