News Release

Texas and National Leaders Announce Largest Statewide Voter Registration Effort

Combined efforts aim to register over 500,000 Texans by and engaging young and diverse communities ahead of the 2020 general election

March 2, 2020

AUSTIN, TX—Local groups are leading the charge in Texas ahead of the primary and joining forces with national partners and allies to announce the largest state-based voter engagement program in the country. Organizations including Battleground Texas Engagement Fund, Jolt Initiative, Mi Familia Vota, MOVE Texas, Texas Rising, Unidos US, and Voto Latino shared their plans to continue to engage the entire state now and after Super Tuesday.

"Texas is in play, no matter what happens Tuesday. Presidential nominees will need to go through our state on their road to the White House, and we're building the infrastructure to make sure Texans’ voices are heard," says Battleground Texas Engagement Fund ED Oscar Silva. “Battleground Texas is running a comprehensive program to empower Texans in every corner of the state and to help turn out Texas voters. We have nearly 5 million eligible voters in the state who are not registered. Our mission is to engage in communities that have been marginalized and are not traditionally touched by candidates or campaigns to make sure they vote.”

"In 2018, we saw what a rising generation of Texans can do. We think that was just scratching the surface of our potential," said Texas Rising Director Rae Martinez. "This year, we are aiming higher and working harder to ensure that every possible young Texan is registered and exercises their growing power at the polls. That has meant taking Texas Rising's voter registration efforts to even more college campuses and local communities—with an emphasis on communities of color—where we're also investing in the training and resources needed to create the next generation of leaders. This diverse generation of Texans is ready to lead, and its time is now."

“There is much at stake this year for our community, which means we must include everyone. Young Latinos in Texas are stepping up in civic participation and bringing their entire family into the democratic process," says Angelica Razo, Texas State Director for Mi Familia Vota. "For the past decade, Mi Familia Vota has been building a strong civic foundation in Texas. We are dedicated to building upon our roots in the community to expand and deepen the Latino vote movement.”

“Young people made Texas the largest battleground state in the country,” says H. Drew Galloway, MOVE Texas Executive Director. “Youth voter turnout tripled between 2014 and 2018 and put Texas in play. We’re investing early to build on that momentum, close the youth voter registration gap, and empower more young people to make their voice heard at the ballot box. MOVE Texas is committed to registering thousands more young Texans to vote before the 2020 election and turning them into voters by connecting them to the issues that most to our generation.”

“In 2018, Voto Latino was responsible for 15% of all newly registered voters in Texas. As the Latinx community continues to age into voting power, Voto Latino has engaged them with a holistic, digital-first approach,” said Voto Latino Managing Director Danny Friedman. “Texas remains a major priority for Voto Latino as we work towards our goal of registering one-million Latinx voters by Election Day.”

“At Jolt Initiative, we know that as the fastest-growing ethnic bloc in the state, Latinos have the power to transform Texas and it starts with their votes,” Jolt Initiative Digital Media Manager Nadia Tamez-Robledo. “Civic engagement is at the core of what we do through our programs like Poder Quince, where we prepare 15-year-olds to write the next chapter of Texas history starting by encouraging their communities to vote, our Get Out the Vote campaign to register thousands of Latinos to vote, and our Contamos/We Count campaign to ensure a record number of Latinos get counted in the census. The movement we are building is working toward a more progressive, fairer and brighter future for all Texans.”

“UnidosUS has deep roots in Texas. For years, we’ve been building on our program and policy work, partnering with our network of Affiliates and partners, to strengthen civic participation. Registration is a critical piece, and we are training and working with service providers, schools, and trusted community organizations to ensure the thousands of eligible citizens they serve are prepared and able to vote. We launched our Adelante 2020 campaign in El Paso, and are energized to join groups statewide to strengthen Texas,” said UnidosUS Deputy Vice President Clarissa Martinez.