All about Unidos US

Questions and answers about UnidosUS

Why did you decide to rename the organization? Why now?

It was our community that led us to the UnidosUS name. Three years ago, we embarked on an assessment of the NCLR brand in preparation for our 50th anniversary in 2018. We engaged our community with focus groups, one-to-one meetings as well as a national online survey of Hispanics across the United States. During that process, we learned there was a strong affirmation of our mission and the work that we do. We also learned that the NCLR name was outdated, and was not resonating with many in our community. But more importantly, we learned that the name was a barrier to creating deeper engagement, especially with younger and more diverse audiences critical to our mission and our future.

After months of listening to the Latino community and a thorough rebranding process with our stakeholders, it became clear that UnidosUS more accurately reflects who we are as an organization and how we intend to evolve for the next 50 years. And the advent of our 50th anniversary felt like the right moment to introduce a new brand that reflected the richness of the work and our vision for the future.

Why Unidos? What does “Unidos” represent?

We took the decision to change our name very seriously and embarked on a thorough rebranding process to arrive at UnidosUS. “Unidos” literally means “united.” It is our belief that in unity there is strength and in strength there is power. “Unidos” is a call-to-action for all Latinos, but also signals a message for others to join us, and to come together united in the best interest of our country and all Americans. UnidosUS spotlights our commitment to uniting all communities across the United States, reflects our trajectory and role in uniting our diverse communities, and reinforces Latinos’ role as a unifying force.

What other changes can we expect?

Our primary change is that of our name—UnidosUS. Our Mission, Vision, and Values will remain the same. But we recognize that as an organization we need to ensure we evolve along with, and remain relevant to, our ever-changing Hispanic community.

What our community, our partners, and our supporters will see is that we will provide a clearer message of who we are and what we do to promote the empowerment of Hispanics and all Americans.

Our research, policy analysis, and state and national advocacy efforts as well as our program work in partnership with Affiliates nationwide, will build on a strong foundation because ours is a unique and proven approach that has achieved strong results.

Just as we have over the course of the past 49 years, UnidosUS will continue to embrace change and ensure that our organization is evolving alongside the Latino community and its needs. This is a given, independent of our name change.

Will the focus of the organization remain on the Latino community?

Yes. Our mission remains the same—to build a stronger America by creating opportunities for Latinos. While our work remains broad-reaching and inclusive, we recognize a need to focus and create deeper engagement with audiences critical to our mission and to the growth of the organization. As part of our rebranding process we identified Young Latinos, Hispanic Professionals, and Spanish-Dominant Latinos as three primary target audiences essential to helping us further our mission and to ensure relevancy for years to come. We will be more deliberate in meaningfully engaging with these target audiences over time.

Will the nature of your work remain the same?

Our research, policy analysis, and state and national advocacy efforts, as well as our program work in partnership with Affiliates nationwide, will remain the same because ours is a unique, proven approach that has achieved strong results. Our new name will help us accomplish our mission because it reaffirms the spirit of the organization and makes our mission more accessible while at the same time better reflecting the momentum taking place in our community.

We encourage you to keep checking our website and other social media platforms for more news and details of our upcoming work.

How does the new name carry the organization’s legacy?

Our name is changing but our mission is not. We fully embrace our mission to create opportunities and to open the doors to the American Dream for everyone, including the Latino community. We are building on a strong foundation we can be proud of, a legacy of impact and positive change like the significant improvements we helped lead in education, health, housing, and other policies that have expanded opportunity for the Hispanic community.

Our history and heritage will not be lost. We look forward with respect for and recognition of the visionary leadership that charted our path 49 years ago. We are simply broadening our reach to accomplish more on behalf of the community.

UnidosUS reflects what we have been doing for decades—uniting communities and bringing together different sectors, finding common ground through collaboration, and a shared desire to make our country stronger. We have united within our own community by addressing key issues that impact Hispanics of all backgrounds. We have united our Affiliate partners by serving as the convener of nearly 300 community-based organizations. We have united across communities by leading and joining coalitions with non-Latino organizations that share a vision for a stronger and more united America. And, as a bipartisan organization, we have united across the political spectrum to educate and engage on the issues impacting Hispanics as well as advocate for policy and legislation that eliminate barriers and create opportunities for all Latinos.