2024 UnidosUS Annual Conference

We gathered 1,500 Latino leaders, advocates, and allies for our 2024 UnidosUS Annual Conference: Our Time is Now! in Las Vegas.

We're the largest Latino civil rights organization in the United States.

Through our unique combination of research, advocacy, programs, and a national network of nearly 300 community-based Affiliate organizations across the country, we simultaneously challenge the social, economic, and political barriers that affect Latinos in the United States across a range of key issues:

Civil rights and racial equity

As we dismantle racism, we’re committed to showing all Americans what structural racism is and what we can all do to end it.


We advocate for high-quality education from early childhood through college, vocational training, and beyond.


We build policies and programs to ensure everyone’s right to be healthy regardless of where they live, learn, play, or pray.

Housing and financial empowerment

Good policies can unleash the power of the Hispanic community and benefit all Americans.


We fight for an immigration system that values every person’s dignity and human rights.

Voting and political empowerment

We reach out to voters and potential voters to make sure all eligible Latinos are registered, informed, and empowered to act.

Workforce development

We want to enable an ecosystem that supports Latinx individuals in their journey to thrive in the workforce and achieve economic prosperity.

Latinos contribute to our country's history and economy

Key Facts


Between 2020 and 2040, 70% of new homeowners will be Hispanic.


Nearly 80% of Latinos are U.S. citizens.


Nearly a quarter of Hispanics in the U.S. self-identify as Afro Latino.


The percentage of the country’s 16.6 million students enrolled in undergraduate programs who are Latino.

1 million

The average number of Hispanics who turn 18 each year and become eligible to vote.

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Our Affiliates


Our Affiliates are community-based organizations that directly serve the Latino population across the country. They know the practical concerns and policy issues that affect their constituencies and are engaged in implementing innovative solutions.

2024 UnidosUS Affiliate Map (June)

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